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muscle building tips for leaner and bigger muscles

Have you thought about getting started in a gym, but are little anxious about getting started? First, there is no need to be nervous about it.

You got to start somewhere, and the earlier you get started, the faster will you see some good gains from your efforts.

So why not get started with this article? Here I am going to give you a couple of tips on the best way to get started working out and the best way to eat for some good muscle gains.

Are You Looking Forward to Getting Started Working Out?

Now you must be anxious to get started in the gym working out. But before you start I urge you to spend an hour or two doing some planning and an overall assessment, answer questions like, what is the purpose of going to the gym?

Do you want to lose weight, get marked, or build severe lean muscles? How much time do you have available? And what about your diet? It is recommended to take care of these things and if something unexpected happens, like too much work, stress or other issues that make it hard going to the gym.

Finding The Perfect Gym

One of the essential steps getting started working out is to find a gym you will like to workout in. Keep in mind that you are going to spend a lot of time there, so choose wisely. You also must choose a gym that has the right equipment for you.

If you want to lose weight, you can use a regular fitness gym that comes with all the necessary equipment. If you're going to build strength and muscle mass, you should choose a gym that appeals to bodybuilders and weightlifters.

These gyms often come with a lot of barbells and free weights, the best tools to build a massive physique.

Split-Routine For Serious Muscle Mass and Strength

If you want to pack on a lot of muscles and get a lot stronger, you must consider doing a split routine. It means you will train different muscle groups on different days throughout the week.

You can, for example, do chest and triceps on Mondays, Back and biceps on Tuesdays. Legs and shoulders on Wednesday and a day off on Thursdays. Friday you start all over one more time. A split-routine is an excellent way to build muscle mass because you can target your muscles extra hard without spending more time in the gym.

The harder you focus your muscles, the longer they will need to recover, which is possible with a split routine.

Get To It At Least 4 Times Per Week

For best muscle building results, I recommend you train at least four times during the week and not more than six times. Training that frequently requires that you do a split-routine, so your muscles get plenty of rest between your workouts.

The length of your sessions must not be longer than an hour of lifting weights. If you want to train longer, you can do cardio training or stretch. Lifting weights for hours is not going to make you bigger.

Instead, it will get you fatigue, and your body will release cortisol that gradually will break down muscle tissue.

Getting Your Nutrition Right

For sure you can avoid going hungry to bed by eating junk food in the form of pizzas and burgers. But it is not the optimal nutrient to get when you want to build lean muscles and strength.

Make sure to get a right combination of healthy sources of meat, fish, chicken, and eggs. Those are your basics when it comes to proteins. The next level of your diet you must pay attention to is your carbohydrates.

They should come from brown rice, vegetables, and sweet potatoes. But it is not always that easy to get to get some Jasmin rice and regular potatoes.

Your Supplements

It is always a good idea to consider using a supplement or two when you want to build lean muscles and strength. Your first choice should be a protein supplement like BPI Sports Protein that can help you to ensure you are getting enough proteins. It is way easier to get a shake once or twice daily than it is to cook chicken breast before bedtime.

Second, you should also think about using a supplement that can help you to optimize your muscle building, like Crazybulk D-Bal. It is a muscle building supplement that will raise your testosterone levels and make it easier to gain lean muscles and mass.

3 Ways to Build Solid Muscles That Will Stick foreverGetting started to build some lean solid muscles can either be a difficult or an easy task to do. It is all up to you whether you want to make it difficult for yourself to get that muscle body of yours.

When you make it difficult for yourself it is because you do not educate yourself and learn how to build lean muscles and strength.

The easy way to build lean solid muscles is when you keep educating yourself and listen to the people who knows how to do it.

Here you will get 3 ways to build solid lean muscles that will stick.

The Frequency of Your Training

More does training does not mean better results when you want to build some lean muscles and strength. It is not when you are working out you are building your lean muscles, it is in the periods of rest in between your workouts the magic is happening. As a general

It is not when you are working out you are building your lean muscles, it is in the periods of rest in between your workouts the magic is happening. As a general

As a general rule, you should not spend more than an hour in the gym lifting weights. Staying there for hours will lead to over-training and cause injuries. If you feel that it is not enough time to train your whole body, then it is time to do a split routine.

If you feel that it is not enough time to train your whole body, then it is time to do a split routine.

Split Routine The Perfect Way to Train Your Whole Body

To avoid overtraining and injuries it is a good idea to do a split routine when you are working out to build some lean muscles and strength.

When you do a split routine it means that you train different groups of muscles on different days.

An example could be to do chest, triceps and abs on Mondays. Back, shoulders and biceps on Tuesdays.

Then a pure leg day on Wednesdays then followed by a day of rest on Thursdays for then to repeat the cycle.

A split routine will give you Three major benefits. First, you will be able to hit your muscles harder each time you are in the gym.

And second, you will be able to give them plenty of rest afterwards, which is very important to build lean solid muscles and strength.

Third, when you do a split routine you will decrease the risks of injuries and over-training which mean you will be able to train hard for months without having to take weeks off.

A split routine is the preferred training method among many professional athletes and bodybuilders included.

Eat Clean and Consider Powerfoods

Clean eating is the best thing you can do when you want to optimize your diet for muscle building. When we say clean eating we mean leaving out processed food and the trans fat, which often is fast food and ready-made dinners ready for the microwave.

These types of foods do not belong in your diet if you are serious about your muscles building and want to stand out.

Clean eating also mean you should try to eat as organic as possible because it will lower the amount of toxins flowing in your body, but we know it is not always that easy.


When we want to optimize our diet for muscle building it is also a good idea to incorporate power foods in out diet.

Here we are talking about Salmon, nuts and blueberries. All are very healthy and will benefit your health as well as muscle building.

You need to remember the healthier you are the easier it is going to be to pack on some serious lean muscles.

Using power foods in your diet is something you should get started to do.

Take a look around online, search for power foods and you will find a lot of choices you can use in your muscle building diet.

Getting Started

So now all you need to do is to get started using these three tips and you will be on your way to building solid muscles that will stick.

Remember if you feel you are not getting the results you deserve it is likely because your body needs a couple of micronutrients. Here you can consider getting started to use a supplement or two to make sure that your body got all the vital nutrients it needs to grow some serious lean muscles and strength.

The first step here is to make sure your natural levels of testosterone are fine. Alpha Force Testo is the supplement to use if you want to increase your testosterone levels all naturally.

If you feel your muscles are weak and that you are not progressing when it comes to strength then it is time to add some creatine to your muscles. Here you can use Alphadrox to boost your creatine levels. Doing that can give you up to 20% extra strength and endurance, it might be just what you need to move on with your muscle building.

Finally, the last common problem a lot of guys are facing is the ability to push nutrients out in your muscles. Here you will need No2 Power Blast, a nitric oxide supplement that will help to expand your blood vessels so more nutrients and blood will be carried around.


Keep reading and educating yourself, it is very important if you want to build solid muscles and strength. There are always some new tricks coming up and the science is discovering new methods all the time. A good place to keep yourself updated all the time is here.

Finally, check out the video below to get even more muscle building tips, it is a great add on to our 3 ways to build solid muscles that will stick.

How about getting a couple of highly effective muscle building tips for men of the age 50? This is exactly what we are goin to give you with this article.

Just because you have turned 50 does not mean that your life is over and you are becoming unhealthy. You should go to a gym at least 3 times a week and perhaps playing some football with buddies of your a couple of times during the week as well.

All this will make sure you have a good amount of muscle mass on your body and that your cardiovascular system including your heart is working in a healthy way.

Also if you have never been in a gym but are aware of that it is time to get started these muscle building tips for men over the age of 50 is also for you.

Going to The Gym and to Gain and Preserve Muscles

You need to be aware, especially when you get is that the more muscle mass you have on your body the easier it will be to maintain a slim weight loss line and avoid the growing beer belly.

Men typically starts to get fat in their 30ties because a couple of different factors start to take effect.

First of all a man's testosterone levels will start to decrease which means less muscle mass on your body, unless you are going to the gym.

Men in their thirties often gets a partner gets married and have children. This also means that they lose their predator instinct and starts to get way to comfortable.

At the same time make things a whole lot worse they also gradually starts to eat more and the overall results of this is that they become unhealthy and start to gain weight.

So man over 50 years of age. It is vital that you go to the gym and keep doing it. The muscle mass you are going to get will keep you slim and healthy.

Do Some Old Skool Weight Lifting

There are a lot of different ways to build lean muscles mass today when you are going to the gym. But the muscle building tips for men over the age of 50 I recommend to do, is some old skool muscle building that includes a lot of free weights in form of barbells and dumbbells.

Do all the classic stuff like pulldowns, bench press and squats and forget all about rubber bands, TRX and all the other equipment that has gained popularity the last couple of years.

I am not saying it is bad for you, but you are fat better off doing the classic stuff. It is much easier to build lean muscles that way and it is easier to avoid injuries as well.

Classic muscle building is far better for you to do if you for example are having arthritis in your knees. Jumping up and down with rubber bands can become quite painful.

Healthy Dieting with Lots of Proteins

When it comes to the diet part and muscle building tips for men over the age of 50 you just need to stick to a healthy diet including a good amount of proteins. You should aim to get between 0.8 and 1 gram of protein per pound of weight you have on your body. So if you weight 190 pounds you should get around 190 grams of proteins per day.

If you need to lose weight it is very important that you do not go on a low calorie diet. You are fat better off going to the gym and build some lean muscles. This will burn off the body fat you are gaining.

Way to many men are listening to their wife when they want to lose weight, and jump on one of these low calorie diets especially made for women. This will make you gain even more weight in the long run.

Low Levels of Testosterone

One thing is for sure. Your testosterone levels are much lower now than they used to be when you were in your twenties. Basically, you do not need so much testosterone know because you are not growing anymore, however having healthy levels of testosterone will still benefit you a lot.

Here it can be a good idea to use a testosterone booster like Priamax or Alpha Prime Elite. These types of supplements come with all natural ingredients that in a healthy way can help you to increase your testosterone levels. This is not an anabolic steroid but simply a natural way to take care of your testosterone levels.

But remember, you will still need to have a proper diet with plenty of protein sources so your body is able to from testosterone in the first place.


Effective Muscle Building Tips for a Better Looking BodyIn this article we are going to give you a few of the very best suggestions that you can envision when it pertains to muscle building. No matter if you are brand-new to muscle building or have been exercising for a while this post is for you. Possibly you are already acquainted with a few of the ideas we are going to provide you right here, however, it is constantly excellent with a fresh ups. This will assist you to correct of some of the errors you might be performing in your exercise. But kindly keep reading since you are going to learn a lot now.

So let's start feeding you some great pointers that can take your muscle constructing to the next level. First, we are going to take a closer look at your real workout. The most crucial suggestions you can get is don't overdo your training! You ought to not invest more than an hour in the fitness center building lean muscles. You can remain longer if you, for example, want to do 30 minutes of cardio, however, your muscle building must not be longer than an hour each time. Why? Since if you over-train your muscles you will actually begin to break down muscle tissue instead of building it up. This can actually make you weak and you may wind up over-training.

So far we have talked about exactly what you need to be performing in the fitness center, however building lean muscle is far more than simply going to the gym. Dieting is another very important part of getting bigger and stronger. We are not saying that you are not going to have the ability to construct lean muscles without correct dieting, you will. But it is going to take you a lot longer time to obtain there. This is since you will likely not get an adequate amount of proteins to build muscle with. Always see to it to get at least 30 grams of proteins in each of your meals.

If you really wish to be major about your bodybuilding you ought to consider starting to utilize some supplements also. We are not stating that supplements is the only thing that will make you effective with your bodybuilding, but they can be a terrific help when it concerns developing significant lean muscle mass. Supplements like an excellent whey protein or nitric oxide supplement can commonly help you to overcome 2 of the most typical issues in muscle building. Not getting sufficient proteins or not getting enough nutrients out to your muscles.

Getting the body of your dreams is a great deal much easier when you are 100 % sure that you are doing the best type of exercise and that your diet contains all the important nutrients you require for muscle growth. Nevertheless, as we discussed right prior to, what about supplements? There are a few aspects that can make it more difficult for your body to construct severe lean muscle mass and stamina. This is right here you may need a nitric oxide supplement like No2 Power Blast. This supplement is perfect for guys who are having problems with a high metabolic process or other factors where they are not able to construct any lean muscle mass. We will certainly discuss this a lot more in our No2 Power Blast review