Electronic Cigarettes

electronic cigaretted and what they are all aboutThere is a lot of new things going on in the world of smoking these days, or should we call it the world of vaping. Because it is really not about smoking cigarettes anymore, it is all about vaping electronic cigarettes.

So what are these battery driven sticks that often looks like a real cigarette all about?

For the first time ever there is now a serious alternative to cigarettes, an alternative where you will get the same satisfaction, but without the 4000 chemicals you would normally inhale using a cigarette.

We are not saying the electronic cigarettes are healthy to use, they will still load you up with nicotine and they are very untested in many areas. But however you will get rid of dangerous ingredients such as carbon monoxide.

But there is much more to electronic cigarettes than just getting rid of chemicals. They are able to give you some of the same pleasures, your daily nicotine fix, but without you having to inhale the dangerous smoke. Instead you inhale what is called vapor, an odorless fluid that carries the nicotine. The benefit of that is that you will not pollute your surroundings the same way as before.

When it comes to your home environment you will also gain a lot of benefits. No more will you end up with stains of tobacco and nicotine on your curtains, walls and ceiling. It will become so much easier to keep your home clean and nice. Many non smokers really do not like to visit smokers, because often you can smell years of tobacco smoking in the home of a smoker, even in their clothes.

So does all this sound to good to be true? Well it is not! E cigarettes are really a serious alternative to cigarettes. But you need to remember that they are still in untested waters, and are still not approved by the FDA.

For people who want to try this out, there is an easy way to get started. You can start out with an e cigarette free trial. Here you will get a starter package from E Cigs Pro Vapor, one of the leading manufactures of e cigarettes.

Then you can test it out without paying a couple of hundreds of dollars just to get started. E Cigs Pro Vapor comes from the company E Cigs Brand which is one of the oldest most recognized e cigs companies in the United States.

You need to remember that electronic cigarettes carries it dangers as well. So have a loot at this electronic cigarette article at WebMD as well, so you will know more about the potential side effects.